We’re good, but don’t just take our word for it….

AOB PR has played a crucial role in our sales growth. We are now sold through 10,000 distribution channels including some of the biggest retailers in the world. One of the ways we connected with all those buyers was with brilliant PR and by using celebrity to raise awareness of our products and promote their effectiveness. AOB introduced our brand to the stars.

AOB PR has helped Lovehoney to reach a global mainstream audience with fantastic stories. More importantly, it has directly impacted on our bottom line – with consistent sales and profit growth.

AOB PR are fantastic are working with celebrities to deliver sales growth. They give the world’s media what they want: well-written stories with great pictures and video.

And here’s what the media think of AOB PR ….

AOB PR have a fantastic reputation with journalists for producing great stories for their brands with really strong pictures and video. They deliver quality content which journalists want to run as news stories.

AOB PR have a reputation for quality – well-written stories with great pictures and videos which work for journalists and the brands they represent. They know the way the media works inside out. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to brands who want to get noticed fast.